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Being the most exciting and "enlightening" country that I ever visited, the United States offers sooooo many things to people. I've only visited a number of it's cities so far: Boston, NYC, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Orlando and Las Vegas.

During most of my visits, my family and I went only to tourist spots like Disneyland and the shoppig malls, so I didn't really get a chance to do what I want: understand the way of life there and the so-called spirit of each city.

So far, the most memorable city in the US which I visited is NYC. When I was on my way to the hotel from JFK Airport, I just fell in love with the city's beautiful skyline. You would too, if you saw what I did at the time.

And the US city I would love to visit is Chicago. People say Chicago is something like NYC, but a bit slower (in terms of pace of life), but still faster than LA's, which means it gets the best of both worlds.

To find out more about these cities (that I've visited and would love to visit), check out the links (which are still under construction).