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I started playing tennis about 2-3 years ago , when tennis was one of the options of sports I can choose in my housing estate (see squash). Really , the condition of the tennis courts in my housing estate is absolutely atrocious : like chipped grounds , weeds all around the corners and dirt everywhere just to mention a few .

It started out as fun and eventually it turned monotonous and irritating playing on lousy courts and I don't really play the game these days but I still watch major tournaments but no favourites for me in this game . The players are just too boring . Well , maybe Pistol Pete or Michael Chang . Anyway , do go to the links below .

Tennis stuff

Pete's Place: Cool one
Martina Hingis - Tennis Sensation: Very informative
Martina Hingis - the Princess of the WTA: Cute , all the info about her you'll need
Amazingly Adorable Anna - The Anna Kournikove Page: Check out the best-looking teenis-player's page
Michael Chang's cyberspace: Pretty impressive !
Steffi Graf Mini-World: Complete info about her and some tennis links
Pro Tennis: Everything Pro here !
Tennis Country: The cutest and nicest tennis page I've found (so far)