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Squash   :-P

I've never played squash before this year (or was it last year?). Anyway , I was kinda "forced" to take up this sport as in the housing estate I live in , there are only 3 sports facilities available :tennis courts (which are never cleaned , never maintained by the estate board , and which is not covered , so if I wanna play , I gotta play under the hot sun , which might infuriate my ma greatly), a crummy swimming pool (also never maintained) and squash (also never cleaned or anything).

Among these 3 sports facilities available , I chose squash since second-hand squash rackets and balls are more affordable than tennis'. As for swimming , I've never liked water .

So I just play squash without really knowing the rules exactly . Actually just beating the ball against the wall already guves me quite a lot of satisfaction (especially when you are mad , man !).

If you'd like to know more about the sport , do check out the links below !

My Squash Links

US Squash: The most "complete" squash page I've found (so far)
Squash Rules: The Rules if ya wanna know