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Fave   Sports

Hi everyone . You guys can say I'm a BIG sports fan . I love lotsa sports , especially (as some of you guys may know) badminton and basketball . I play lotsa other sports too , like say squash (good for you when you are mad and wanna bash someone up) , tennis (good if you have indoor court) , netball (fun when you play with people you can work with and can beat other teams , duh !) and blah , blah , blah . And I love to watch even more sports , from rugby to snooker to synchronised swimming . They're all great ! I'll just give you guys an idea of some of my faves below :-)

Fave sports

Maria's badminton page: One of the sports I love most (loved it since I started playing it)
Maria's basketball page: The sport I love to watch !!!
Maria's netball page: Net , net , netball
Maria's soccer site: The sport which I like just coz of the Brazilian team and their goals
Maria's Page on Squash: Some links and personal feelings on the sport
Maria's Tennis Site: Let's go TENNIS (I guess)!
MMS' American Football Page: Am. Football Stuff (duh ?)