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Brazilian   Soccer   -   The   Samba

Hello everybody .

Before actually starting , I'd like to say I've never really liked soccer until one day I was watching the sports news and saw one of the most be-yoooooooooooooo-tiful goals ever scored . It was a free kick by the Brazilian team's #6 jersey-wearer . I have to admit it was reeeeeally impressive and I couldn't believe my eyes ! Since then , I started to have some interest in this sport .

Anyway , besides the Brazilian team , I don't really favour any other soccer teams besides Japan , maybe . And my fave is ... a guy on the team . Gee ... I dunno his name or jersey number :-P but he's a really cool player ! And Ronaldo's really cool too ! I believe he's gonna be the future of Brazilian football (well , he's already the present) and might just be another Pele , although he is a little too hyped up by the media .

Anyway , below is a link to the collection of my fave soccer players due to one reason or another . Do check it out .

So , let's go Brazil !!!

Soccer Player Pics

Fave players pix: Pictures of my fave soccer-players

Soccer,   man!

Hello everyone! I actually started liking soccer only at the beginning of World Cup 1998, when the 704 best players in the world gathered in France to battle it out for the World Cup. Anyway, my faves are Brazil (esp. Ronaldo), Italy and Argentina (Bati-Gol!!!).

Actually I would love Japan, an underdog team in the tournament and their first appearance in the World Cup, to kinda advance to more than just the first round. But unfortunately, they were eliminated in the first round :-(

Anyway, my faves Brazil and Argentina is still sizzling, man!!! My fave players are Ronaldo, Del Piero, BattiGol, Romario and (you know)the other stars. And anyway, my fave goalkeeper is the Japanese team's Yoshikatsu Kawaguchi, who is hailed the best there is in Asia.

So check out the links if ya wanna find out more, man!

Soccer Links

Football Web in Japan: Japanese soccer, man!
Official Page of Bellmare Hiratsuka: The team which Hidetoshi Nakata is in (anyway, some parts of this page is in Japanese)
Hidetoshi Nakata's official page: Whoa, man! (in Japanese)
J. League home page: All righty - go Marinos !
Brasilian National Team: :-P In Portuguese (if I'm not wrong)
Federation Internationale de Football Association: in short, FIFA
Ronaldinho's Official Web Site: Oh, man! this whiz even got his owwn official page, man1 Available in Portuguese, English and Italiano, man!
Teams of the World: For the love of the Game