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Befere I begin rattling about the show about nothing , Seinfeld , I'd like to say that I'm not one of those Seinfeld fanatics who so-called mourn the end of the sitcom , okay ?

So , yes ! Seinfeld is my fave sitcom . I started watching the show about nothing about a few years ago . At first , I kinda like stumbled upon the show when one night , I couldn't sleep and there it was on TV ! I enjoyed the humour they put on the show but I gotta admit some episodes are really corny and stale .

I don't watch every episode of it bacause here in Singaore , they show it at around midnight in midweek and as a student , I can't possibly watch it every week . But still , I try my best .

My favourite Seinfeld episode is the one about Elaine's suggestion of opening up a business selling muffin tops . And my fave character is George (all right!) . He is absolutely funny , with that bald head of his ! Haw ! Haw !

Too bad , the season had to end while things are getting so good . Anyway , do go to these linkd below !

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