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Respect   and   Admiration

In today's world there are quite a number of people who really command for respect and/or simply just make you admire them . Let's take an undisputed example like Mother Teresa . She sacrificed a "good" and comfortable life to help the poor in Calcutta . Like me , many people just can't imagine giving up their lives completely for other people .

Some other people I respect and/or admire are not that great as to give up their lives for others but have also achieved considerably a lot in their lives respectively .

To have a look at or find out more about who they are , check out the links below !

Links to people I greatly respect and/or admire

Michael Jordan: The living person I admire and respect most .Like duh ?
Martin Luther King Jr.: Civil Rights Leader
Adolf Hitler: Yes , this is for real !
Mahatma Gandhi: India's Freedom "Fighter"
Charlie Chaplin: Yup ! Don't you just love him ?
Mother Teresa: The Saint