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Rap is one of the musical genres I've discovered recently , the others being latin music , r&b , etc . I've never liked it before , until recently . I dunno why the change suddenly occured but it just happened , y'know :-P

Anyway , among my fave rap artists are (who else but) Will Smith , Coolio and Sean Combs ("Puff Daddy") . I guess I kinda like it because of it's rhythm and style :-)

Check out the links , man ! Get on with it ...

My Snazzy List of Links

Will Smith: My absolute fave guy :-)))
Wyclef Jean: All about da Fugees (too bad they ain't together no more)
LL Cool J: This is what I call cool ;-P
Puff Daddy: The ULTIMATE site ...
2pac: To the TOP !!!