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Nice   pages

This page is gonna be about nice pages I've "encountered" or those that my friends sent me through the ICQ. Right now, with only a few links to them, it's under construction (as my page has always been). You can look forward to it in a few weeks time. At most, a few months :-P It'll be nice :-) Rest assured ...

My Snazzy List of Links

The Gift: Including some other nice links in it :-)
A FRIEND: Very sweet
A Hug: Pretty background :-P
COMPUTER POETRY: Very true, I guess
For my friends!: Rosy, with nice background
Forever Friends: How cuuute!
Here is a Kiss: Cute animated lips :-O
Sendin' Luv: Quite "Oh-Biang" but okay lah!
Smile!: So many smiling faces!
Tickle Me Elmo: Rad, man! RAD!