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Links to more info on Martin Luther King Jr.

Stanford's page on Mation Luther King Jr.: Very well-maintained and lotsa stuff
NHS Martin Luther King Jr.'s Home Page: Stuff about his present legacy
Martin Luther King Jr. "I Have A Dream": This page also available in French
AFRO-AMERICAN ALMANAC: The Negro and the Constitution by Martin Luther king Jr.

Marin   Luther   King   Jr.

I first knew about this great man 2 years ago when I was preparing a speech on racism and prejudice . I think he really commanded my respect by the way he organized movements to help his people gain equality and stamp out racism from America .

Having read and found out more about him , I changed my opinions on a lot of things such as the question of race , whether we are all really equal , and all those stuff .

Too bad he was assassinated and did not get to see the day his people get the treatment they deserve ...