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Jaz Artists Links

Wynton Marsalis: My fave jazz trumpeteer
Kinda Like Michael Feinstein's Official Page (I think?): One of my fave vocalists
Ella Fitgerald: Richest Voice In Jazz
Chet Baker: Trumpeterer with cool vocals
Frank Sinatra: I love New York too , Frank !
Nat King Cole: Simply heavenly :-P


I only started listening to jazz last year , when I "stumbled upon" a jazz radio program . Since then , I've been a fan of jazz (that genre of music , not the Utah Jazz , mind you ).

Jazz is a beautiful type of music . Well , not only beautiful but it can also be very funky , catchy and creative . That's why , I think jazz is so difficult to describe .

Basically , what first attracted me to jazz was the lyrics : the rhymes and also the meanings of them . My first encounter with jazz was a song by the Gershwin brothers and I was really charmed by the song . It was "Someone to Watch Over Me" .

I've been a Gershwin fan ever since and have discovered so much jazz stuff now . I know more about the artists , the forms of jazz and all that .

For now , my fave jazz artist is Harry Connick Jr. , the so-called heir of the late Frank Sinatra . And my favourite trumpeteer is Wynton Marsalis . Y'know , too bad I missed the concert in which he conducted an orchestra here . It was about 3-4 months ago . If any of you caught it , do mail me !!!

Ok , do check the links out !

Cool Jazz Links

Jazz Online: Put a little jazz in your life !
JCS : Jazz Central Station: Really cool here ! Available in Japanese .
MIDI JAZZ NETWORK : A very nice page to discover jazz stuff
Andy Rubin's Jazz Online: Nicest Parsonal Home Page on Jazz found (so far ...)
Destination Jazz: The complete jazz festivals stuff , cool !
New Jazz Archives: Very complete artists archive
Interjazz: The Internet Jazz Plaza
International Jazz: Very updated ...
Jazz Stuff Home Page : Absolutely jazzy !
Tha Jazz Quarter: Ok , everybody . Buckle up for a new experience here !
Jazzlife: Online resource for creative, improvisational jazz music
Jazz Scene: All rightie . More good stuff Everything about International Jazz
Just Jazz: Pretty nice stuff here :-)
Red Hot and Cool Jazz: Quite rowdy one here but nice
Warner Bros Jazzspace : Allright ! Let's go WB !
"What is Jazz ?": The technical stuff from the profs