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Hello everybody ! So let me introduce you to one of my good fwens , Eileen . Nicknamed "Spaz" , she is a girl who loves Thailand , and I mean really love that place . I dunno why she behaves like this but well , I've been stuck with her for about 1-plus year now and still counting ...

She's understanding , really , and we can talk about anything . She's better than me mostly in languages and humanities (I hate you , Eileen) . And boy ! Is she impatient !

Besides being choosy and particular (which she claim as careful) , she is kinda inspirational (in a sense) . Remember 2.4-km run 1997 , Eileen ? :-P

Still , thanks for taking all my rubbish all these times (actually , you produced more rubbish you know that ?) and love ya :-) (corny...)