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Indirect Family Members

Hey 'ya people . Don't worry . I'm not gonna rattle on about every single member of my family because if I do , I won't end till next week . I'll just touch on those who I'm kinda close with and those that I feel like commenting or writing on :-P


The uncle I'm closest to is my 6th uncle , his name is Surja and he's a sorta bizman , man ! He often asks me about computer stuff when he needs help with his laptop or something . Likes golf and has a sense of humour I can never understand . He feels strongly for the ethnic Chinese in Indonesia and Indonesian politics . Although he's quite strict (which is none of my business) , he's okay , I guess .


Aunt Elly is just like a 2nd mother to me . We're pretty close and she cuts my hair for me (thank God she does a decent job every time) . I gotta say really appreciate her sense of humour !

Besides that , she's reeeeally caring towards me and my sister . She treats us just like her very own kids and I mean it ! I often shop with her and her daughter , Selvi (whom I'm going to mention in the cousins section) .

Aunt Elly (6th aunt) has striong feelings about the Indonesian government too , most of the time , siding with the ethnic Chinese and always defending them and their causes .

Not to forget , she's a brilliant bizwoman too :-P

The second one is my aunt Djoemati whom I often talk about her sons with . She's really helpful , always bringing food from Indonesia for us in Singapore ...

Thirdly is my father's oldest sister . I call her "A-Ko" . I used to write letters to her in Chinese , until I got too busy for that sort of thing . Then I write her e-mails through her daughter :-)


Ko-2 Siung-2 : In US , working for a bachelor (wow !). We kinda e-mail each other :-P

Ko-2 Yung-2 : In Seattle , working for an MBA if I'm not wrong (wow !).

Ko-2 Waw-2 : This genius is in Dartmouth with his double major and a minor in Japanese . I wonder how he survives ...

Melinda : Same school for quite a loooong time now . Likes Japanese stuff .

Jessy : Talkative . Comes to my class in mornings when she wants to disturb me . Plays squash and badminton with me when we have the time to . Worships Caucasians . ALWAYS complains to me about her school stuff .

Selvi : Good in nature (I think?) and very , very caring towards mother (so caring that at times I feel soooo guilty) . Has recently picked soccer as her fave sport . Totally worships Caucasians and is kinda racist :-P

Ci-2 Pauline : A banker (I think) in Indonesia . Very nice , friendly :-)

Ci-2 Ai-2 : Undergraduate in Indonesia who's gonna be a doctor (wow !!!) . Hope to get free consultation from her in the near future :-)