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All right , everybody . How ya guys doin' , man ? This page is basically about my life , like my fave soft toy (named Yufi) , my fave basketball team (Let's go Bulls !) and all those stuff . Corny , huh ? Well , this is kinda unplanned as a "spastic" friend of mine suggested that I create a page and so one fine day , having nothing to do (not really nothing , just lazy) , I created this simple page . Enjoy people !

Yippee, yay, yay! Exams are finally over and I am free, free, free! Well, not exactly 100% FREE but freer than I was during exams, I guess.

Anyway, the Asian Games is here! Yay! More badminton! And the latest tournament result is that Budi Santoso of Indonesia was the champion of the recent Hong Kong Badminton Open! Wowee! Cool,huh?

But sadly, Sigit, another Indonesian badminton-player was suspended for one year! Waaaaaaaaaaah! Let's hope that his suspension will be reduced to only half a year!

Ho! Ho! Ho! 'Tis the season everybody! To love, to give, and to be really, really happy! Maybe some of you guys would wanna tell me your holiday plans and some great buys for Cgristmas gifts and all that!

Love LIFE --- for it is the most precious possessions one can ever have .

Hi boys and gurls , below are some stuff about my life (whoa , man) . Some might be rather corny but well ... hope you guys like them :-P

Comments ? Or suggestions to improve my page ? Very simple . Feel free to mail me at Do remember to leave ur mail add too , dudes .


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About my fave sport, team and player (for now at least): CHICAGO BULLS & MICHAEL JORDAN
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Friends: Where would I be without you guys ?
My favourite thingies: Such as TV shows , albums , singers and all that stuffs
Family: The tentacles we can never get free from ...
Literature: As in the stuff I read which made deep impressions on my mind (including poems and quotes)
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