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My Jakarta Links

Jakarta: Official Page of the City
Bixie's INDONESIA page: Has nice pictures
Indonesia Global Promotion: A sorta biz directory
Travel INDONESIA: Jakarta
The Ultimate Indonesian Homepage: Very, very complete


Yessie, everyone. I'm an Indonesian. Jakarta is where I was born in 1982 and I lived there till about when I was 8, then I went abroad for my education.

I gotta say my memories of the city of Jakarta, though aren't the most beautiful ones I've ever had, are very much unforgettable: my family's favourite haunts, the theatre we go to catch a movie or two, the store we go to for books, my mom's favourite fruit store in "kota" (city), etc.

Recently, riots broke out and terrible things happened in Jakarta. I hope this will stop and life can get back to normal: the way we like it...