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ER , is one of the most so-called inspirational shows in my life (like wow !). Well , I mean , it was the show that inspired me to be a surgeon (a dream which I had to let go when I graduated to Secondary 3 as my school didn't allow me to take up Biology).

I simply love this medical drama's storyline : fast-moving and always realistic (and so is the set). Although sometimes the actors and actresses say out some really confusing medical terms (which I surely can live without) , the show remains truly watchable and cool to me :-)

So do go to the links below !

ER Links

Warner Bros' ER Site: Very nice ! Lotsa other WB info too !
NBC : ER: Absolutely complete !
Ambulance's Entrance to ER: An ER Webring
EMERGENCY ROOM : Front Door : Very , very proffesional and it's got cute "entrance music"
ER : Season Finale '98: Very proffesional too but nicer music !
The ER Shrine: Man , this girl actually worships the show !
Gonzo's Emergency Room Website: Really cool one , available in English and German !
Submit ER Script Idea: Got any ideas ? Can try your luck here !