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The Members


My parents are poles apart and I'm not exaggerating at all . In fact , I dare say it is a sort of understatement . Let's go into them one by one .

My father is a quiet guy who is a kinda professional electrician (I guess). He's a sports-lover : soccer-follower , badminton-player , basketball-"audience" and some others . We're not exactly close or anything but our relationship is okay : we don't fight , we don't quarrel (well , actually we don't exactly talk at all) :-P

Ocassionally he asks me about my future plans and all that . We talk about b-ball too , whenever I feel like it .

And now my mother . She is a really paranoid mother . When she heard I had a slight cough , she wanted to come over (FYI : I'm studying away from my hometown) . When I went camping , she wanted to come along !!!

Well , behind all these paranoia , I know she truly cares about me , so much that even my aunt commented about me not be able to grow up if she overprotects me so much ...

So , okay . My mom is reeeeeeally talkative . She talks practically about anything : from AIDs to interest rates in different banks and politics (the hottest topic recently) . As for my father , as I said he's quiet and he likes to read .

My mother has really high dreams for me : to be an owner of a cosmetics line , which I think I won't , can't and don't want to do . While my father lets me do anything I want as long as I get money , money , money ... :-P

Oh well , behind these differences , they still love and care for me and my sister ...


Okay, firstly , lemme tell you that besides my real sister , Novi , I also have some "adopted siblings" (which are our soft toys). I know this is spastic but well , they are sooooo cute !

My real sister's name is Novi and she loves pigs , especially her siblings Yufi (Yuni , me , and Novi) and Dao Guang (named after my father) .

She's kinda obsessed with astrology and kinda believes in it . Once she even tried playing around with a Psychic Circle ! And she's kinda nice to bully because she's so submissive .

She's been trying to learn how to smash the shuttlecock for about 2-4 years now but she hasn't got it yet . Besides that , she's kinda nice to talk to or complain to about school stuff and my future educational plans because she listens :-)

And now , for my adopted siblings staring with my soft toy , Yufi . Basically , she's a sweet little pig with nice , big eyes reflecting her innocence . She stands on her two hind feet , unlike her bro , Dao Guang .

Dao Guang can only stand on his 4 feet and his nose could move before it was spoilt . He could make grunting pig sounds until he was "spoilt" again :-P