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Classics Links

The Fred Chopin Society in Warsaw: Eerr, not in English but nice pix
Ludwig Van Beethoven: The Immortal
Yo-yo Ma : A Tribute
Classical MIDIs: Wow! Lotsof'em here ...

Classical   Music

I've been listening to classical music since I was reeeeeally, reaaaaally young but of course at the time, I didn't have an idea how to appreciate it but I kinda liked it (Oh well).

Anyway, I'm still listening to this genre of music but not that often anymore and my "love" for this type of music has somewhat alleviated over the years as my "taste" changes.

Okay, my newest fave classical music artist is Yo-yo Ma. Yeah, he's the Chinese cellist who is trying to innovate a brand new form of classical music. I love his album "Soul of the Tango".

But my fave track of all time (I think) is Beethoven's Moonlight Sonata. Though this is so, my fave composer is Freddie Chopin :-P

Do find out more about them through the links on this page!