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Chaplin Links

Charlie Chaplin: The best Chaplin site I've found (so far)
Charlie Chaplin's biography: The chronology
Charlie Chaplin (1889-1977): His biography , specialising on books on him

Charlie   ,   Charlie  

Charlie Chaplin , in my opinion , is the greatest silent artist ever . I was first introduced to him by my parents who rented his film for me to see quite a long time ago .

At the time , I didn't understand English but I didn't really need to understand a single word of English to understand his highly entertaining films .

Without uttering a single word , he is able to convey lotsa messages by just moving his body and adjusting his facial expresions , a brilliant feat .

Unfortunately , I have not yet seen some of his most famous works like "The Kid" or his bold and humorous portrayal of Hitler . If you guys have any idea how I can get them , please do mail me .

For now , if you are interested to know more about this silent artist , just click on the links below !