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Will Smith

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note STATS:

Real Name:
Will Smith
Actor, Rapper (duh?)
September 25, 1968
Birth Place:
Philadelphia, USA

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note The Coolest Rapper In the World
Whoa , man ! Like , have you watched MIB ? You m,ust see it if you haven't ! Will Smith was so cool on it ! Y'see , I kinda "discovered" Will Smith while watching his highly popular sitcom , The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air . He was so , so funny .
As time went on , I then got more and more aware of his rapping career too :-)
And recently my fave Will Smith rap is "Just The Two Of Us" and man ! You shoulda seen the MTV ! It was so sweeeeeet ! Basically , it features he and his son and also some other celebrities with their kids . Do catch it if you can !!!
note Will Smith's Links
Will Smiths Official Site : Big Willie Style , man !
Jazzy Jeff + Fresh Prince : Greatest Rap Combination !
Will Smith : A Tribute
Will Smith : Come and get jiggy wit it
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