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Hello everyone! Don'tcha just love birthdays? Ok, with maybe the exception of some girls I know (who fear aging), we all do righto ? Errrm , right?

Anyway, the people on my birthday list may be celebs or my friends. And, if you think I missed someone worthy to be on my list (Haha!), do mail me his/her name and his/her birthday, okay?

Okie dokey!

Birthdays in the month of ...

January: Ladadeedum
February: Uh-huh?
March: The most important person's birthday's here!!! Hint! Hint! HINT!
April: Springtime (right?)
May: 7 more months to Christmas...
June: Holidays!!!!!!!!!
July: Ladadeedum
August: 4 months to the end of the year
September: Don't worry, Be happy
October: Ohmigod, the most terrible time of the year!
November: Holidays comin'
December: My fave month