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Hellooooooo , everybody ! Welcome to my page on the sport I love to watch most : BASKETBALL .

I started getting interested in basketball when I was about 12-13 . I discovered that the local station shows a game per week on Friday at 10 p.m. Actually , I only like to watch NBA games which are , I think , very exciting , especially when the players execute dunks and cool no-look passes . Woohoo !

With talented players like (drum rolls) Michael Jordan , Shaq , Kobe Bryant , Eddie Jones , Nick Van Exel , Reggie Miller and blah , blah , blah , NBA games are some of the coolest athletic experiences you can get .

And so , do you know why I love the game now ? If not , check out the links to find out more !!!

Maria's List of Basketball Links

Official NBA Page: Full details of everything in NBA (duh ?)
Official Page of WNBA: All right ! The girls have a part of it now !!!
Carolina Basketball: My absolute fave college team . Let's go Tar Heels !
The Sporting News - North Carolina Basketball: Very consistently updated !!!
Tar Heels Carolina Pros Home Page: Cool one , with all past players and coach !!!
College Basketball : NORTH CAROLINA -CBS Sportsline: Everything about UNC Tar Heels here !
ESPN SportsZone : UNC Tar Heels: All the schedules and results
NBA at 50: All right ! Let's go NBA ! Looking forward to the next 50 years !
Basketball Hall of Fame: Basketball's history