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Badminton , i think , is one of the greatest sports in the world . I've been playing it since I was about 6 or 7 if I'm not mistaken . I guess it could have been my father's influence (he plays the game regularly with his pals) , or it could be that I'm an Indonesian (what am I crapping about ? Anyway , Indonesians simply luuuuuurve badminton in general) .

I absolutely support the Indonesian badminton team but too bad the women's team couldn't defend their Uber Cup title this year . But I still support up-and-coming star , Mia Audina and Indonesian Badminton queen , Susi Susanti .

As for the guys , I simply love the dynamic duo , Ricky Subagja and Rexy Mainaky . These guys are simply explosive . They will attack their unlucky opponents with their absolutely unstoppable smashes and energetic drop shots . They are absolutely exciting to watch .

Another dynamic duo of Indonesia I love are the current world champions Chandra Wijaya and Sigit Budiarto . Though their smashes are not as lethal and powerful as Ricky and Rexy's , their tremendous energy on court is astounding , especially Sigit's . On the other hand I think Sigit's also a shuttlecock-hogger and too domineering .

Joko Suprianto , although getting older with each day , his skills are still as polished as ever . Besides these , I also like Hendrawan , who had just recently emerged with his singles victories in the fight for Thomas Cup which helped Indonesia defend the title for 3 consecutive times .

Potential Indonesian badminton greats are Indra Wijaya and Heryanto Arbi , but too bad their relative inexperience and stamina had always got in the way of winning (like this year's Thomas Cup competition) .

The Chinese are also pretty good but not exactly my faves , though I highly admire up-and-coming shuttler Gong Zhichao and experienced Ye Zhaoying . As for the guys , I really admire Dong Jiong who was able to beat Chandra Wijaya in the Thomas Cup semi-finals without even perspiring . Now izzat cool or what ?

The Danish Poul-Erik Hoyer Laarsen , Peter Gade Christensen and Camilla Martin are my fave Western badminton players . Poul-Erik although getting older and older , is still as icy cool as ever . Camilla Martin , my fave Danish girl , is a very effective single player though she is not a really good doubles player . Peter Gade is one of the guys who beat Haryanto Arbi in the Thomas Cup competition . Slick and fast , he is one of the players whom I believe will dominate in the near future .

Anyway , do check out the links below !

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